Business asks for permission to use my photo… for free?

I got an email from my flicker account that read as follows,

“Dear Robert Martinez,

My name is ##### and I am an editor at We are currently compiling a day trip from Chicago, Illinois that will be published on our site as well as in an iPhone application.

We hereby seek your permission to use one of your photos of Lake Opeka on as part of the day trip in question. The photo we need is:

Naturally, we intend to credit you fully for the authorship of this photograph.

I thank you in advance for your permission and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Editor, Inc.”

What I found funny was that photographer Thomas Hawk had posted a similiar offer from this company on his blog, so I already was aware that these folks would unlikely give any compensation for use on their commercial product.
I borrowed Thomas Hawk first response to the editor.

“Hello ####,

Would there be compensation associated with this request?



And never heard from them again….

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