P.I.K. Photographer I Know, Kate McGuire

I really enjoy the works of my fellow photographers that I have met, so every once in a while I thought I would share and feature some of my favorite images from one person here. Today’s P.I.K. is, Kate McGuire. I first met Kate during my first ever photowalk that she was the leader in for Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Photowalk.
From there we have been to other photowalks and she has organized quite a few on our photowalk group. I like her style of photography. In my opinion her photos are really cool and varied, with excellent composition and processing. Scroll down to check out some of her images.

This is my most favorite above!
I love the composition, balanced exposure and colors.
The visible activity inside the restaurant
gives this picture extra depth.

Click on pictures to view in flicker.





Haleakala Dawn















You can check out more of her pictures here http://flickriver.com/photos/katemcguire/popular-interesting/ and on her website http://www.imagesbykatemcguire.com/

My thanks to Kate McGuire for allowing me to share her cool pictures on my blog. Pictures are Copyright by Kate McGuire.

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