Guest Speaking about Photography

I was invited to guest speak at DePaul University from fellow photowalker and teacher Sharon, she is teaching a wonderful program for High School youth at the university.
I was really touched and honored to have been asked, and I also immediately thought of someone that could guest speak who is very generous in giving and helping fellow photographers including youth and that would be … Gokhan Cukurova. So he joined me as well! I spoke about HDR and Photowalking and answered questions and Gokhan spoke about a lot of aspects of photography including what its like as a professional wedding photographer, I learned a lot too listening to him and his answers to questions.
About the Summer Youth Scholar program
As Sharon told us, the students have been selected by DePaul from high schools across the city to provide them with information about college and provide them an opportunity to experience a university campus. The students attend academic classes and then college prep classes. Her class is on urban history through visual arts, culture and architecture.  They have been taught how to do a photo essay and are expected to put one together as their final project. They can decide how they want to tell the story they select. Vivitar supplied point and shoot cameras. They have also been given audio recorders to interview urban dwellers.

Gokhan at the podium

In closing, this was a really amazing experience to talk and share about photography and to see the students cool work and each of their unique photos on subjects such as people and architecture.
My thanks to Sharon, Gokhan and most of all to our future creative people who welcomed us with a cheerful smile and great enthusiasm. I hope to see more of their work in the future.


9 thoughts on “Guest Speaking about Photography”

  1. Wow! When were you taking photos behin my head? You were quick and I think inwas very focused 🙂
    Again, thanks to you and Sharon for the wonderful opportunity to meet these talented students…

  2. Robert, this is fantastic! What a wonderful story you’ve told here. I’m looking forward to sharing this with the students. They too will be so touched by thie extra dose of kindness you expressed here on your blog–in addition to your generosity on Tuesday. On behalf of the students, “Thank you” again. You and Gokhan made a huge impression. The students talked about their time with the two of you and they were so pumped the next day in class. What the two of you did for them is, in my opinion, precisely what we need most. That is, more adults like you and Gokhan who are willing to show our young people, our future generation, that we care about them and are willing to invest our time in sharing our experiences with them in a way that is meaningful, motivating and real! Thank you!

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