Fun with Fish Eye lens

Just got the Rokinon FE8M-P 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens this month and am pretty excited about it, I shot a few images with it so far and overall very pleased with the results.

I am looking forward to going out with it to do some night time and also interior HDR scenes.
There are a few negatives that I found with this lens –
Chromatic Aberration, which I tame in Lightroom2 and Photoshop CS5, also when processing in Photomatix Pro I check the reduce Chromatic Aberrations box.
Close focus a bit fuzzy, I noticed when I have a subject in the scene too close about 2 or less feet it seems a bit fuzzy (even at f11) compared to the rest of the scene, but I think I have to fiddle with the focus more.
Manual focus, although with this kind of lens you can just set it in between and just shoot although as mentioned prior I think I need to tweak and test the focus setting a bit more.
And the plusses-
Fun lens!!!
The price is not too bad – less than $300 dollars.
Dramatic views.  This can really turn an ordinary scene into a really cool scene.
Fun lens!!! ah ok I said that already lol. But my impression overall is that it is indeed a fun lens.
Below are a few sample images that I shot so far. All were post processed in LR2 and also in addition some with Topaz Adjust and Nik Color Efex Pro as well.

Waiting for some food at Cemitas. The salt and sugar shakers not as sharp as the rest of the picture. Processed in LR2 and Nik Color Efex Pro.
Kumas restaurant. There was some banding from the sky (I noticed this on other shots with the sky in it, maybe due to such a wide angle) and chromatic abberation along the edges of building and power lines.
Having fun with the wide angle.
Lens super close up to the mesh on this shop window.
Crowd shot at the Cloud Gate Luminous display.
5 Exposure test HDR shot.

In closing although I just barely begun using this lens I am really excited about it.  This lens will be a regular addition in my camera bag.


4 thoughts on “Fun with Fish Eye lens”

  1. Great blog post, Rob. I’m currently in the market for a wide angle lens. I’m thinking the Sigma 10-20mm is the best value and option. The other lens was the Pentax 12-24mm which is more expensive. Have you ever used the 10-17mm Pentax fisheye? I loved that lens. Seems like this lens is an affordable option tho.

  2. Thanks for the comments, @Brian I never used the 10-17mm Pentax although I remember that I was looking at that one and the Sigma 10-20mm at the time and chose the Sigma 10-20 simply because the lens element did not protude and I am able to put filters on it. But overall I like the Sigma but I feel that it is not sharp enough for me even at higher f-stops and my copy seems to have some blurriness on the image sides. And it is a bit heavy although most Sigma’s seem to be.
    Having said all this I think if I had to do it again I would opt for the Pentax 10-17mm as Pentax lenses seem to be more sharper and more calibrated to the Pentax K-5 body than other lenses that I have. Just would have to be careful with the front element.
    The Pentax 12-24 is just too expensive and F4?
    There is another one out there that I would consider but it is a Sigma for low-light concert photography / events – its the Sigma 10mm F2.8, I would use for HDR but since we are on tripods for multiple exposures at high f-stops I really would not get for that.

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