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WordCamp Chicago 2011 Pictures

After having been in DePaul University a few days ago (see prior post) I found myself there again this time attending WordCamp Chicago 2011. It was great learning about various topics on blogging with wordpress.org that I plan to use when I move from wordpress.com for this photography blog. WordPress.org is way more customizable versus wordpress.com which is free but way limited in a lot of ways, although it’s still pretty cool anyways. Learn more here.
I was also looking forward to seeing fellow photog / photowalk member Nicole Yeary guest speak and to finally meet her. Also met other great people and some that I have only known on twitter and facebook.
Of course I couldn’t help but to take my camera and took a few pictures while there….

@MaribethR @NicoleYeary
@NicoleYeary @PicsByRobert
At the Genius Bar
@blondishnet @AskKim
@bikespoke @squishyviolet @HeatherActon78