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SocialDevCamp Pics #SDCChi

Just wanted to share a few highlights, mentions and some links to pictures from this cool event conference.

It was great working alongside photographer  Tom Tran. Cool guy and I got a lot of good tips and ideas.

David Spark, Mike Ewing and David Kadavy

A highlight of the event for me was meeting David Spark who was in a podcast that I enjoyed called Cranky Geeks with John C. Dvorak.

It was a fun time photographing the event and meeting new people and seeing friends.
Thanks to Nicole Yeary for letting me know about this and to Mike Ewing and Tim Courtney for giving me the opportunity to photograph the event.

More Pictures of the event
SocialDevCamp Chicago’s Flicker Page Mostly me and Tom’s pics
My Smug Mug page
Tom Tran’s “Tran Scape Photography”