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Fun with Fish Eye lens

Just got the Rokinon FE8M-P 8mm F3.5 Fisheye Lens this month and am pretty excited about it, I shot a few images with it so far and overall very pleased with the results.

I am looking forward to going out with it to do some night time and also interior HDR scenes.
There are a few negatives that I found with this lens –
Chromatic Aberration, which I tame in Lightroom2 and Photoshop CS5, also when processing in Photomatix Pro I check the reduce Chromatic Aberrations box.
Close focus a bit fuzzy, I noticed when I have a subject in the scene too close about 2 or less feet it seems a bit fuzzy (even at f11) compared to the rest of the scene, but I think I have to fiddle with the focus more.
Manual focus, although with this kind of lens you can just set it in between and just shoot although as mentioned prior I think I need to tweak and test the focus setting a bit more.
And the plusses-
Fun lens!!!
The price is not too bad – less than $300 dollars.
Dramatic views.  This can really turn an ordinary scene into a really cool scene.
Fun lens!!! ah ok I said that already lol. But my impression overall is that it is indeed a fun lens.
Below are a few sample images that I shot so far. All were post processed in LR2 and also in addition some with Topaz Adjust and Nik Color Efex Pro as well.

Waiting for some food at Cemitas. The salt and sugar shakers not as sharp as the rest of the picture. Processed in LR2 and Nik Color Efex Pro.
Kumas restaurant. There was some banding from the sky (I noticed this on other shots with the sky in it, maybe due to such a wide angle) and chromatic abberation along the edges of building and power lines.
Having fun with the wide angle.
Lens super close up to the mesh on this shop window.
Crowd shot at the Cloud Gate Luminous display.
5 Exposure test HDR shot.

In closing although I just barely begun using this lens I am really excited about it.  This lens will be a regular addition in my camera bag.


Cleaning tools for your Camera

Here is my list of products that I use for cleaning my camera and lenses with a brief description of its use to give you some idea. Click on the product name for link to site for purchase, also read the reviews on those sites for tips and more insights from other users.

Giottos Rocket Air Blower
I always have this handy and use it the most, this blower packs a quite a strong blast of air and I use it on every nook and cranny of my DSLR, lenses and other gear.  I even use it on my keyboard and computers… as I consider these part of my gear too.

I use the brush end of the LensPen the most and their carbon compound tip for the lens glass surface although I mainly use the Pec Pads the most on the lens glass.

Pec Pads and Eclipse Optical Cleaning Fluid
The lint free Pec Pads coupled with the Eclipse Optical cleaning fluid are just awesome for cleaning your lenses and other parts of the camera such as the metal lens ring on the camera body and lens and other glass such as the viewfinder and filters.

Opteka Pre-Moistened CCD/CMOS Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  I use the Opteka sensor cleaning swabs when I start seeing dust spots on my images. From their product description these sensor swabs are pre-moistened with a Tin Oxide cleaning solution, which leaves no visible residue and is specifically designed for CCD/CMOS chips.
Now I know that cleaning the sensor is a “sensitive” subject for some, and a lot of people would prefer to have this done through a service performed at your local camera shop. That is totally understandable if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself. Read on to get an idea of how its done at home.
The swabs each come double sealed, be sure you are ready to use swab right away when you open package (so it does not dry out too much before use). I first blow out and brush off the sensor area then per instructions on package – with firm pressure, wipe horizontally across sensor in one motion and without lifting the swab off the sensor wipe across in the opposite direction. Allow up to 5 minutes before turning on camera. Done!

It was great sharing this with everyone and I hope you found some of these products useful to you. What products do you use? Questions? Feel free to comment below!