Getting a better group picture

Last week I was in a quick photowalk in Wicker Park with my buddy Sam.
Right away we ran into a cool group from a neighborhood Church called Epic Church and they were out on various corners giving out hugs for everyone.
I took a few shots as I got closer to them and they greeted us warmly and with hugs. We spoke briefly and I asked them if I could take a group pic and they all lined up and I snapped a picture.D6N_1906
But I wanted to think of something extra so right away it occurred to me to have them reach out as if giving me a hug and I got the below picture which is way better and expressive compared to my first shot.
On this one I cropped in a bit and edited out the red flowers that were showing on the left side a so as to not distract too much of the main focus which is the group.
So don’t be afraid to get a better picture by in addition to getting a standard shot, trying for something else/different.  Look around and think of ways to add a little bit more to help your subject and you as a photographer stand out more!


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